After the consultation with the Vatican II, in (1962-1967), Mother Jeanne D’Arc Houwayek in collaboration with the sisters of the order built a school beside their convent in Ain El Rihane in Keserwen, at 300 m altitude. The school was situated beside the village of Aintoura, overlooking the coast. The school, prominently dedicated to St. John the Baptist, opened its doors in 197 and became an important academic institution, with over 400 students. It is a private school, for primary classes. It also acts as a boarding school for students who wish to attend. The different forms of boarding school the institution offers are:

- The Pre-Scholarly (Payable)

- The Primary (Semi-payable, partially covered)

- The Complementary (Payable)

- The Secondary cycle of the institution was excluded in 1988 because of the war.

What are the mission and the aim of this school? Through the presence of this academic institution, one that is member of the association of Catholic Schools of Lebanon, the sisters of St. Jean the Baptist aim to ensure the presence of the Church, as well as to ensure the privilege of education, humanitarian values, and Christian principles. Making this mission the heart of the institution is also illustrated in its aim to take in 10 orphans on academic scholarship each year, based upon the type of funding it receives.

Its aim: Its aim is to educate and orient the students, mostly those that are underprivileged in any form of social or economic backgrounds. The school aims to evoke simplicity, richness in life, the sense of social belonging and engagement, as well as the respect and acceptance of the other, whether this be in the areas of mentality, religion, or social background…

Its method: The school aims to resort to a semi-directive method, which encompasses an atmosphere of familiarity through:

- Promoting dialogue and trust among students and educators.

- Engaging the students, and challenging their abilities in an active and lively environment.

- Promoting conscience in work, mutual respect, as well as progress and flexibility that is capable to withstand the shifts in our ever-evolving society.

The library, the laboratory, the computer center are to facilitate educational methods, in order for them not to be entirely centered on books. The School of St. John the Baptist, is a private, francophone, academic institution registered in Lebanese law. It receives its students from all confessional backgrounds, boys and girls, from Kindergarten to the 9th Grade.

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